Dental Emergency Leesburg

A dental emergency is treated with high urgency at our dental office. Patients experiencing a dental concern should contact us right away. Typically, tooth pain and damage requires immediate attention as infection could occur. Learn about dental emergencies below. Furthermore, contact us if you need immediate assistance or have any questions.

Root Canal Treatment

Severe tooth decay and damage can lead to infection. Bacteria enters the tooth and colonizes in the pulp area. Once the pulp becomes infected, patients usually feel pain and an abscess may develop. Therefore, we insist that patients seek immediate attention. Left untreated, pain may worsen and tooth loss is likely to occur. Fortunately, patients can relieve the pain and save their tooth with a root canal treatment. This procedure removes the infected pulp and bacteria. Next, the tooth is then sealed and given a dental crown.

Tooth or Dental Restoration Damage

Accidents occur which can result in tooth or dental restoration damage. Patients should contact us right away to avoid a potential infection. Upon a full evaluation, we will recommend the best approach to correct your smile.

dental emergency leesburg tooth painAvulsed Tooth

Accidents may also result in a sudden tooth loss. Typically, patients that participate in contact sports can experience an avulsed tooth. Should this occur, call us right away. Also, if you are able to locate the fallen tooth, avoid touching the root and place it in water or milk. We will attempt to save it. If not, other teeth replacement options will be discussed.

Contact us with any dental emergency.

A dental emergency is avoidable by maintaining proper dental care and wearing mouthguards during contact sports. However, incidents happen and patients should contact us with any dental concern. Please, do not hesitate. We will accommodate you as we value each of our patients. Call (571) 789-1230 or book an appointment online. Our office is located at 552 Fort Evans Road, Suite 100 Leesburg, Virginia 20176. Moreover, new patients are always welcome. Also, most insurances are accepted.

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