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Tooth decay likely results in a dental filling to restore the tooth. Years ago, patients were offered amalgam, or silver, fillings. However, patients can now have tooth-colored fillings to discreetly restore the tooth. Our dental office specializes in this cosmetic dental filling. In fact, we highly suggest that patients choose a tooth-colored filling to avoid the darkening effects of amalgam. Likewise, learn more about cosmetic dental fillings below and contact us today.


What is a cosmetic dental filling?

A cosmetic dental filling uses composite-resin material to restore a tooth. Composite-resin is tooth-colored and appears very natural. First, the dentist applies the material directly on the cavity to seal the tooth. Once hardened, the tooth is fully restored without any noticeability of a filling. In fact, patients prefer a cosmetic dental filling since amalgam usually darkens with time. A cosmetic dental filling offers patients the confidence to speak without showing dark fillings. In addition, patients who have amalgam can cover those fillings with composite-resin.

How do I care for my tooth after the procedure?

Simply, maintain dental care by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. You will prevent new cavities from forming. Moreover, be sure to avoid biting on hard food and candy as the filling may chip. In addition, should you notice any tooth sensitivity or discomfort, contact us. 

Learn more about cosmetic dental fillings.

Our team is highly trained and experienced to recommend the best treatment options to improve your smile. Speak with us today to learn about cosmetic dental fillings. Likewise, patients interested in covering existing amalgam fillings should contact us as well. Call (571) 789-1230 or book an appointment online. Moreover, our office is located at 552 Fort Evans Road, Suite 100 Leesburg, Virginia 20176

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