Emergency Dentist Leesburg: Why Tooth Pain Could Be a Dental Emergency

Emergency Dentist Leesburg: Why Tooth Pain Could Be a Dental Emergency


In general, tooth pain should always be addressed to your Emergency Dentist LeesburgTooth pain could be caused by several reasons. While some may be minor, others could be an urgent matter. For this reason, contacting your Emergency Dentist Leesburg is essential

Learn about the different reasons you may be experiencing tooth pain below. Contact our Emergency Dentist Leesburg with any questions or concerns.

A Fractured or Chipped Tooth

Some various events or happenings could cause a tooth fracture or crack. Some occupations also put you at risk of chipping or cracking a tooth. In most cases, a painless tooth chip is no cause for alarm, especially if the chip is superficial. You can wait for a few days or hours to see the dentist. Either way, you need to take a lot of caution when chewing to avoid more chipping. The dentist will easily smoothen the chip out or fill the tooth with composite fillings.

On the other hand, when you have a fractured or a cracked tooth in most cases, you are in pain, and this needs to be handled as a dental emergency. Usually, a tooth fracture means that the tooth has internal damage, and the surrounding parts such as the jawbone or the gum have suffered an injury as well. Some cracks and fractures are quite severe that the entire tooth has to be extracted. In case of a cracked or fractured tooth, it is essential that you call your Emergency Dentist Leesburg.

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Loose Tooth

Teeth are firmly attached to the gum by the root, and in an event where the tooth is loose, you need to contact your dentist urgently. Most times, a tooth gets loose, or out of alignment after an accident which need not say is very painful. However, periodontal disease can be a source of a loose tooth and is quite painful as well. This issue needs to be handled as a dental emergency as a small difference of about 30 to 60 minutes will dictate whether you get to keep or lose the tooth. 

In case you suffer such trauma, consider trying to hold the tooth in place with your finger by exerting little pressure but do not force the tooth in place as you will cause further injury to the tooth and gum. On the other hand, a loose tooth as a result of periodontal disease in most times means that the tooth is intact and only the gum has suffered. The Emergency Dentist Leesburg will examine the loose tooth and determine the extent of the injury and apply the necessary intervention.

Knocked-Out Tooth

This is a severe case of tooth fracture and is usually very painful. Urgent attention is required if you are looking to keep the tooth. However, it is important to remember that only a qualified dentist has the expertise to know what to do, and at no point in time should you try to offer yourself a treatment or get treatment from armatures in the desperation of pain management. This is what you need to do in case you suffer a knocked-out tooth;

  • Pick up the tooth, if possible, by the crown in order not to touch the root.
  • Gently rinse the tooth but refrain from scrubbing it or remove any tissues that are attached to it.
  • Place the tooth in a small container with some milk if possible. Do not eat anything to prevent further infection to the gum.
  • Immediately call your Emergency Dentist Leesburg and explain the situation.

Tissue Injury

Tissues holding the tooth in place in the mouth could also easily suffer injury and cause tooth pain. Tissue injury such as lacerations, puncture wounds, and tears of the cheek, lips, or tongue could be a cause of pain.

More often, this kind of injury is accompanied by facial pain and causes lots of discomfort and restlessness. You need to contact your Emergency Dentist Leesburg, as soon as you start experiencing tooth pain due to tissue injury.

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